Warning Lights – The Ultimate Guide

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Warning Lights – The Ultimate Guide

What does each warning light mean?

Here at Ana Motors, it is our job to ensure your car spends as little time as possible off the road. So in order to do our job to the best of our abilities, we quickly identify the exact issues affecting your vehicle and work to fix them. Simple! On a daily basis, we carry out clutch repairs, air-conditioning repair and brake repairs for our satisfied customers. So in order to share some of our knowledge and expertise, we’ve decided to share some advice on warning lights which indicate serious issues which you should simply never ignore.

Why is my oil light on?

Whenever you see this light illuminate on your dashboard, this indicates that your engine is currently running low on oil. This means that the oil pump in your vehicle isn’t circulating enough oil around your car. Failure to address this issue is potentially dangerous and could result in a number of things, such as causing a rapid increase in the wear of your engine or a sudden break down. In some cases, the engine wear caused by a lack of oil can be extremely expensive to repair, or even in some cases irreparable.


Engine Temperature Light

This symbol indicates that your car engine is overheating. If this occurs while you are out driving, we recommend stopping your vehicle at a safe location, turn off the engine and let 20 minutes pass. We recommend doing this in order to allow your engine time to cool. Potential reasons for your engine overheating can vary from low levels of coolant or an issue related to your car’s cooling system. If your engine temperature warning light does not turn off after a period of rest, we recommend paying us a visit here at Ana Motors.


Why is my battery light on?

If you notice this symbol illuminates on your dashboard, this is a sign that there is currently an issue with the charging system of your car. This light will only light up if your battery is no longer being charged by the alternator. Should this continue, your car will eventually run out of power and stop running. If you notice this problem and are unsure as to the exact root of the problem, then why not pay our expert team a visit.


Brake Warning Light

The appearance of this warning light on your dashboard indicates that the level of brake fluid in your car has gotten dangerously low. Amongst all the potential fault lights, this is among the most important to avoid ignoring. If you notice this light, make sure to top up your brake fluid at the next safe opportunity. However, as with most auto issues, there are numerous potential reasons as to why your brake warning light may suddenly start illuminating. If you would like expert assistance on this issue, we recommend stopping by our garage and allowing our team of mechanics to assess your vehicle.


Low Fuel Levels

This is perhaps the most recognizable dashboard light and one which every driver is surely familiar with. While this is not as serious as some of the other issues discussed here, this is arguable among the most inconvenient and costly. Simply put, whenever you see this warning light, your car or van is running low on fuel and needs to be topped up. Failure to address this issue, as we know, could run the risk of leaving you stranded!

We hope you have found our discussion to be informative and helpful. If there are any issues which you feel are directly relevant to you, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

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