Squeaking Brakes?

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June 14, 2021

Squeaking Brakes?

Why are my brakes squeaking?

Squeaking brakes are a common issue. But what causes your brakes to squeak and how can the issue be fixed? Well, luckily our team here at Ana Motors are here to answer your questions and more. As well as being irritating and annoying, squeaky brakes can be potentially hazardous and something which you should always have fixed as soon as possible. While it is perfectly normal for your brakes to make noise occasionally, for instance on a particularly cold day, persistent noise from your brakes could be an indication that there may be a more serious issue with your car or van.

What Causes Brakes To Squeak?

There are numerous causes for a squeaky brake. First of all, let's get a better understanding of how your brakes are designed and how they work. Brakes slow down your car or van down when the calipers squeeze your brake pads against the rotors, reducing the speed with which your wheels rotate. Due to the speed at which your wheels rotate, it is only natural there will be some noise. Many times, the noise your brakes make will be too quiet to notice when you are driving. However, if you do begin to notice these noises persisting while you are driving, it might be time for a mechanic to take a look at your brakes.

Are your brake pads worn?

Worn out brake pads are perhaps the most common cause of excessive squeaky from your brakes. Over time, your brake pads begin to thin out as a result of constant use. Many brake pads are fitted with a brake wear indicator, which will begin to squeal once your brakes have worn out below a certain point. As you use your brakes time and time again, you gradually wear away the surface area of your brake pads. Eventually this will reach a point at which your brakes will become too thin and will need to be replaced by an experienced mechanic. If this is an issue which you feel may be relevant to you, we recommend that you pay us a visit here at Ana Motors. Our garage is located at Unit 3, Artane Business Park, Dublin 5.


Are your brakes wet?

Excessive moisture is another common cause of squeaky brakes. If your car is not in use, moisture can build up around your brake pads overnight or following a period of rain. This means that the next time you use your brakes, this layer of rusty moisture will be removed, usually resulting in a grinding noise. However, should this be the case, this noise should not be anything to worry about.

Is your car brand new?

If you are driving a new car or if you have recently had your brake pads replaced, then it is not uncommon to experience a squeaking noise as your new brake pads bed themselves in. This squeaking noise can also be caused by your calipers still being set to the ‘apply’ position, causing excess wear and noise. If this is the case, then we recommend paying us a visit.

How Do I Fix Squeaking Brakes?

Usually, fixing a squeaking brake involves using a number of different products such as brake pad grease or lubricant. However, in some cases, such as in the case of worn brake pads, then you will need to have your brake pads replaced by an experienced mechanic. Having said this, finding the root cause of squeaking brakes can be a difficult task. So, if you are having trouble with persistently brake noise, then why not get in touch with our team here at Ana Motors.

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